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South Staffordshire data profile 2017

South Staffordshire data profile 2017

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Is your business located in South Staffordshire? Do you sell to people in South Staffordshire? Is your business moving into South Staffordshire?

If so, the latest South Staffordshire Locality data Profile is a must read, providing all the latest intelligence on the area for free!

South Staffordshire Councils Locality Data Profiles are compiled to capture a range of data sets across the 25 wards and 5 localities allowing them to benchmark against other local authorities and the national average. Data is structured around key themes including:

  • Brexit,
  • Demographics,
  • Employment,
  • Education
  • Health,
  • Physical Activity,
  • Community Safety,
  • Housing,
  • Connectivity,
  • Volunteering,
  • Rural Isolation,
  • Community,
  • Transport,

The profiles highlight emerging issues and challenges, the information is used to inform and evidence future policies, projects, funding applications and redesigning public services, ensuring resources are allocated effectively.

The most recent Locality Profile for 2017, is structured around the 3 Council Plan objectives and covers key areas including:

  1. A Skilled and Prosperous District – employment, benefits, top 5 employers
  2. A Safe and Suitable District – education, health, community safety and crime, planning enforcement, housing
  3. A Connected District – customer contact, volunteering, rural isolation, community assets, transport

A link to the 2017 South Staffordshire Locality Data Profile is here

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